Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Wow, haven't been on in a while, so much is going on...working on a Christmas present for my mom (a snowman banner from Stoney Creek, forgot the name :P) also purchased and started Masquerade Pale Dawn, by Sessler HAED. Haven't had much time to work on Fire Moon, but will get back to her as soon as the holidays are over.

A month ago, I lost one of my cats, woke up one morning to find him ill with an urinary blockage, got the the vet that same afternoon, but was already too late :(, but the others are all healthy and doing fine....my oldest cat had an abscess that really infected bad, but the antibiotics are working wonders and he's acting like a kitten again :)

My DS's vocabulary is growing by the day and his taking from my dad's side of the family...can't get him to stop talking now hihihi, and he's soooo excited about Christmas he just can't wait :)

Masquerade Pale Dawn - HAED 
Snowfriend Banner - Stoney Creek - working on page 4/6

Felix...miss his so much <3
Been also reading a couple books lately, have found some books from Christopher Pike, and although I had a bit of a hard time with his writing style at first, once I got used to it, I devoured the 4 Thirst books, and am now stuck in Until the End.

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