Monday, February 06, 2012

What a month!!!

Well what a month it's been!!!! Between having to have my house exterminated because of bedbugs (ewwwwww!!!!!) my runnings to the vet, and yes I mean that in the plural form, had Thor and Dexter neutered,  then Dexter had Gastro, my stray cat Ruby had her litter of kittens prematurely, and unfortunately none survived, then we find out she actually still has a deceased kitten in her, so emergency spay, to find out another LIVE kitten was hiding behind the deceased one. To top it off momma kitty has NO interest whatsoever to take care of said kittling so I'm handraising the little guy, so bottle feedings every 2 hours, night and day :P

2 days old

In the meantime got the first of my 15 finished!!!

Also am working on another of my 15 and trying to get motivated in finishing my mom's Christmas gift (I showed it to her on Christmas morn, but still another page and a half to go)...

Managed to spend 2 months without looking at HAED site, but last night I caved and now there's 2 more patterns I really want, gonna wait for the mini versions or a finish of the ones I already have...can't justify buying 2 more ATM as I'm broke!!! LOL

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  1. Hello

    Sorry to hear of all the cat troubles you've had but that little kitten is absolutely gorgeous.

    Your dragon looks great.